Monday, June 11, 2012

Creative economy

Something that I believe vital to Malaysia is the human development to the stage that the economy can be converted to creativity or new product and services development stage.

It will be very important that the government should be doing more than tax incentive to bring Malaysian brain back to the country or at least make sure the best student do not leave the country.

Government spending on making sure these developers and inventors to stay in the country will benefit more in economic development of the future. Malaysian workforce are no longer cheap that makes it economically viable for companies to build manufacturing facilities. Malaysia have to go beyond economy of scale manufacturing.

Universities with talented students should be funded accordingly to come up with more invention and product design.

Talent drain in Malaysia will cause harm to the country in the long run. Malaysian government had initiated a program but, I strongly believe that inventors, idea generators, concept developers should be given a more than tax incentive, but grant or leading them to agencies that their skills can be made to actually invent things that will not only generate economic development but also spur creativity materialization amongst Malaysian.

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